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Han Feng Art Space, New York is thrilled to be hosting Chinese artist Wu Junyong as our first artist-in-residence. Wu has been in New York since July, creating new works at our art space on West 29th Street as he explores and soaks in life in New York City.

These new works are currently being organised into a solo exhibition at the art space, and is available to view by appointment ( Wu Junyong will be in New York until the end of September.


Why “North Sea Punch”? Well, because of three disconnected ideas.

First, I came to know New York mostly from the book New York Drifter by the “rotten tooth of New York” Zhang Beihai, whose name literally means “north sea”. And it also ties into the theme “Corners of the Empire” that I’ve been working on, which explores the extensions of the four cardinal directions – north, east, south, west. “North sea” is the stage for one of these directions, and an apt description of New York’s geographical location.

Second, I’ve always been inspired by mythologies from both East and West. Hercules from Greek legends, Zhou Chu from the fifth century A New Account of the Tales of the World… they both stood on a stage between sea and water, they both embodied muscular strength with the fist being their greatest tool, and they both performed a life interwoven with great deeds and great tragedy. This summer has been one of complex relationships between Hong Kong, China and America, a reminder that civilisation and violence undulate like ripples.

The final and least logical reason is that the little dog here in the studio happens to be called Punch.



一是对纽约的深处认识大多源自书籍《一瓢纽约》,其作者张北海自称“纽约蛀牙”。我近年的创作主题“帝国角落”从东南西北四个方位延伸, “北海”是一个方位的舞台,也对应纽约的地理位置。



Born in 1978, Wu Junyong lives and works in Hangzhou. He grew up surrounded by folk and vernacular arts, and studied printmaking and new media at the China Academy of Fine Art respectively for his Bachelor and Master’s degrees. In recent years, he has focused on creating animations and paintings on paper, with his approach recognised as unique amongst artists of his generation.


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