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“I don’t like to dream. The photos I take are all very personal. They’re the inside of my heart, my psychological world, expressing something about me. I hope I can always focus wholeheartedly on this inner world.”

Eyes, flowers, bodies, fish… These commonplace things are important motifs in Tang Yi’s pictorial world. Like keeping a diary, she uses images to converse with her subconscious.

Tang Yi has been using photography as the language to describe her innermost thoughts since 2011, and it is also the way she views the world. “That was the year when I picked up the camera and began to make records, because back then I was spending nearly all my time inside the studio – I rarely stepped beyond its door. I closed myself off from the outside world, and the world inside opened its doors to me. All the images, all the drawings, came gushing forth.”

The male gaze is a common perspective in the visual arts. Now, Tang Yi uses the female gaze to appraise the everyday, the spiritual, the philosophical, as well as the physicality of being female. Her pictorial world is enchanting, melancholic and surreal, as if walking into an extremely intimate matriarchal order.

Text: Shermin (Radius)





文:Shermin (半径Radius)

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