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Kenro Izu - Lian Xiaoou - Shao Wenhuan - Wu Junyong

井津建郎 - 连小鸥 - 邵文欢 - 吴俊勇

Photography - Moving Image - Painting

摄影 - 影像 - 绘画

2018/11/10 - 2019/05

By appointment only 敬请提前预约

Han Feng Art Space is currently showcasing work by four artists – Kenro Izu, Lian Xiaoou, Shao Wenhuan and Wu Junyong – covering a range of works that include photography, moving image and painting.

Each artist featured is a self-contained exhibition, but each collection of artwork echo the others in their artistic concerns, brought together by a search for a connection between past and present through nature and the built environment.

井津建郎 Kenro Izu, 《江西吉安泰和县龙口村 #118》Old Tower By a Lake #118, 2018

收藏级别颜料印刷、Hahnemühle艺术紙 Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle fine art paper, 107×142 cm, Edition 1/5

New York based Japanese photographer Kenro Izu brings a selection of photographs of villages around Fuzhou, Jiangxi province, capturing a slither of time that is caught in between a glorious past and a forgotten present, as well as the area where the ancient trees and historical buildings of the Amanyangyun was rescued.

连小鸥 Lian Xiaoou,无标题 Untitled, 2015, 艺术微喷 Epson Ultra Giclee, 150×191 cm

Beijing based photographer Lian Xiaoou takes us to the coastlines of his native Qingdao in a series of evocative photographs, highlighting the ever-present but perhaps rather overlooked horizon to demonstrate how time and forces of nature shape and stir the stoic rocks and sands.

邵文欢 Shao Wenhuan, 《浮玉No.7—来自“鹊华秋色图”的写生》 Floating Jade No. 7 – Drawn from “Autumn Colours on the Qiao and Hua Mountains”, 2017–2018, 全数字虚拟技术,博物馆级打印 Digital virtual technology, museum grade printing, 110×150 cm

Hangzhou artist Shao Wenhuan continues his exploration of Chinese notions of landscape with contemporary means, creating a series of digitally manipulated images that draw from more than a thousand year of landscape painting traditions in China and the inkwash landscape quality of the sea.

吴俊勇 Wu Junyong,《异兽之唤旦兽》 Mythical Creatures: The Dawn-Summoning Beast, 2018

丙烯、厚宣纸 Acrylic on Tyvek, 100×109 cm

Wu Junyong, also based in Hangzhou, lets us into an animated, imaginative world inspired by legends and mythologies of both western and Chinese cultures, intermingling the vernacular and the popular with the courtly and grandeur.

The private view of the current exhibitions is on Saturday 10 November 2018 from 1pm to 5pm at Han Feng Art Space, Amanyangyun, 6161 Yuanjiang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai. The exhibitions will open until May 2019.

Viewing by appointment only. Please contact

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