Improvisation is key to Wu Junyong’s work, where the individual and space clash to form a new energy. For him, drawing is like winding through a memory palace. A partial image grows as imagination takes flight, soaring to the edges of the available picture plane. As artist wrestles with imaginist, the unpredictable outcome forms the ground from which Wu Junyong’s ever-morphing style launches itself. The intangible link between language and image draws Wu Junyong, urging him to create works full of puns that unearth the hidden languages in images. He turns the abstract written word into the more direct image, imbuing both with new meanings, and bringing viewers into his realm – pictorially absurd at first glance, but revealing a literary realism after a double take. Recent ink wash paintings connect contextually like an iconographical game of Patience. More ideological than before, these works signal Wu Junyong’s search for freer artistic conditions beyond geography and time.




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