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Have Fun – Han Feng Private Collection

Han Feng first started to collect art with the most simple of purpose: she purchased the works she loved from artist friends to help them with their living costs. For her, the friendships have far greater value than any reward the artworks may bring.

Art is something that cannot be separated from Han Feng’s work as a designer nor her personal life. Collecting art expands her horizons and leads her to open up her New York studio as a window into Chinese contemporary art.

For Han Feng, her art collection is her attitude to life – have fun, no justification needed.





马思博 Ma Sibo  《海豹》Seal  2015 布面油画 Oil on canvas  170×200 cm
陈维 Chen Wei  《大厦》Building  2015 收藏规格喷墨打印 Archival inkjet print  150×187.5 cm Edition 2/6
唐狄鑫 Tang Dixin  《口隙》Gap  2014 布面油画 Oil on canvas  80×80 cm
王一 Wang Yi  《重叠 2016-3》Overlapping 2016-3   2015–16 铝板上综合材料 Mixed media on aluminum plate  90x90 cm
Gill Button 韩枫肖像 Portrait of Han Feng  2015 纸本水墨 Ink wash on paper  38×28 cm

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